MetBeat Weather LLP is a Private Climate Forecasting Group In Kerala. which regularly forecasts weather situation and climate of Kerala with precision. The group has been functioning for the last two years with immense popular public support. The group managed to forecast 2018 and 2019 flood, the arrival of monsoon in 2019, more accurately than any other weather agencies. The group also successfully forecast the local flood in Northern Kerala six-days before. 

The group had issued weather forecasts through social media during the devastating flood in 2018, under the title Kerala Weather. From 2020, the group is functioning as a registered LLP under the name MetBeat Weather Services. The group is aiming to make people aware of the Climatic Changes and Weather Risk through its Website and Social media handles in local language Malayalam, after conducting detailed study and research of the climatic changes in the region.

The group forecasts weather after analysing the data given by international Weather Agencies, International -level weather, climate models, data from Satellites and Radars, Private Weather groups from different countries, Geographical condition, Terrain of Kerala and Current weather conditions in the state. Above 1 lakh people from over 40 countries are following the forecast of the MetBeat Weather through its website and over 1 million people are following the forecast through social media handles. Many Local media firms have followed the forecast of the agency for news purposes 

The group provides precise weather updates through detailed analysis of Numerical Weather Models (NWP) and Atmospheric data. By frequently Monitoring the weather conditions of an area of about 2000 kilometers around Kerala it ensures accuracy in Forecast. The public response to the forecast is available in the website and social media handles of the group.